Thank you!

We are please to announce that we have raised £1,025.75 due to the generous donations from our urgent appeal. A big thank you to everyone’s generosity and we can assure you that every penny will be used by the orphanage in this crisis.

Thank you very much

Rosie Bidwell and all the Cotton Tree Children



As you will be aware, Sierra Leone has been devastated by the mudslide on Monday, killing hundreds of people just outside Freetown in Regent. I know this area well, & know people there. I have no idea if they have survived or not!

Our orphanage just outside Freetown in Waterloo.

As a result of this disaster, the mass burial of the many bodies is on land next to our orphanage in Waterloo. This has put our children’s lives at high risk of cholera & typhoid. We also need clean water because of the floods.

Food is now difficult to find as all the roads are impassable.

We desperately need your help with donations of money so we can buy much needed medicines, clean water & get them food.


Rosemary Bidwell, Director & Founder, can personally guarantee that every penny will go to our children & where its needed most, & it will not go through any third party.

Thank you in anticipation, from myself Rosemary Bidwell & all of our children.